Fuel tank enlarged opening


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May 30, 2001
Is there a way to put a larger opening in the top of the fuel tank-like a fuel cell-where a larger fuel sender could be installed to say accomodate a double pumper with two Denso 1020s pumps on. The current opening barely allows a single pump to fit in. If the opening was 1"-2" larger installation should be a breeze.
I'm thinking along the lines of maybe cutting a old mounting flange from one tank and trying to figure out how to install it on another tank with the stock fuel sender .or like adding an removable extension ring that the sender could hook up to-to be able to accomodate larger pumps. I have to draw something up.
If you cut a larger hole, lets say 1-3/4" in diameter, and then rolled the edge up three eighths of an inch to create a new notched locking point and adding a 3/8" shelf inside the tank for the new cover to rest on. You would have to make a new cover plate and locking ring to fit the new opening. There may be a problem with the larger hole and the structural integrity of the tank shell that may require some added reinforcement along the new opening edge inside the tank. This would also require a new o-ring for the seal.
Thanks-similar to what I'm thinking about it, if I cut a larger hole in the tank and then fabricate a reducer ring to fit it and allow the standard sender to mount up to it should be ok, I have to look at my tank over the weekend to see what can be done, I have a new tank that has not had fuel in it yet so maybe a good time to see if it can be modified.