Full Throttle Speed rotating assembly


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I put an order in for a rotating assembly back in Sept 2023, got the pistons in December, but still waiting on the crankshaft and rods.

They would answer my calls when I'd check in every few months to get updates, but I haven't hard back going on three weeks now since I last called, left a message, and emailed. I wouldn't mind the wait as much if they would give a me a call back or answer their emails or phone calls.

Anyone have luck getting in contact with Full Throttle?
Spoke to them today actually. Called to cancel an order (no fault of theirs). Had to wait on hold for about 5 minutes but Marianne handled it quickly and emailed me right away the confirmation.
I had the same scenario with my rotating assembly, main caps, cam, and Marianne was very diligent in communicating and getting my parts. They send them as soon as they get them in. You're experiencing today's supply chain.
Waited 2 months for a crankshaft never showed up. I ended up going through a different vendor buying the same crank that showed up 3 days later. I’ll personally never buy from them again.
More than likely it is supply chain issues. I just waited 6 months for pistons. Full Throttle has always been great for myself and my friends.

My engine took 2 plus years to get built and I had 95% of the parts.