Fully built 200 4R trans, billet internals+++


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I'm looking to make more of a street car out of my drag car.
I have a 2004r in my 68 firebird. It was built with all billet internals, billet shift servo, kevlar clutches and bands, tci full manual reverse pattern valve body, and a vigilante 4200 stall lockup converter.
It was freshened up about 3k miles ago and has no dragstrip passes on it. All street miles and a couple summer nats burnouts.
I was assured from everyone that I ordered parts from that this trans is capable of withstanding 1,000hp no problems. I had it behind my 600 hp 455 with no issues.
Blew the bottom end of my motor this year and am looking to do an LS1/T56 swap. I want more of a fun driver now that I have a family. Looking to get $2,300 ob. New cost for converter and trans build was over 4g.
Feel free to make serious offers, I need this to go. I already have my T56 for my car so I no longer have a use for it.
Any questions or anything I can do to help make a sale, let me know, I don't want this taking up space. Also interested in speed parts trades. Let me know what you got. Specifically LT1/LS1 stuff, but, I'm open.
Location? I have a 04 LS6 less intake with only 300 miles on it, it was out of a class 1 off road race truck with only one race on it.
Location? I have a 04 LS6 less intake with only 300 miles on it, it was out of a class 1 off road race truck with only one race on it.

Sorry, forgot to fill in the profile info. I'm in Rutland MA.
You definitely have my attention, but, I'm thinking shipping might put a damper on that one.
Ok, been getting a lot of emails asking questions so to help answer what everyone is asking here's a detailed response explaining it further:

It was built with all billet internals from century transmission. If they made it, I bought it and put it in. Input shaft, rollerized bearing support, front drum, shift servo are all billet parts.
We also used all kevlar clutches and bands. The first gear band is wider than stock and there are extra clutches on 3rd and 4th to help hold the power.
It has a TCI full manual reverse pattern valve body (which eliminates the need for a TV cable) and a vigilante 4,200 single disk lockup convertor.
All of the billet internals I was told were rated for 1,200 horsepower and the convertor was guaranteed to handle at least 900 horse.
I had it behind my 600 horse pontiac 455 on the street and had no issues.
It was built by a longtime family friend named Dan Provost in Manchester NH. He has over 30 years exp. building transmissions and has done everything from 9 second drag cars to all out mud bog trucks. He works for Dr. Steve's transmission in Manchester NH and I would be happy to provide his number to you if you had any questions you'd like to ask him directly.
It really is a great transmission, I'm just moving away from having a drag car and building the car into more of a street cruiser/open track toy. For that I am going with a manual trans. I miss having a third pedal for driving enjoyment.
Anything further feel free to ask. I have nothing to hide and would be happy to do anything I can to try and make a sale. I'm not going to be using this as I already have my 6 speed here and don't feel like watching it collect dust in the corner.
Someone buy me bump.
I'm wondering is the asking price too high?
If so make offers, you may be surprised. I need to sell this to finish up one of my projects.
Out of the car and waiting to go bump. I am now officially tripping over it so it needs to be out of my garage and into yours.

$2,000 obo?
Willing to drive up to 125 or so miles to meet up or deliver!
Would consider further for a little extra money.

Also willing to separate trans and converter for the right deal.

Make offers!!!