Funny kill that just came to mind!


mmmmmmmmmmmmm TURBO!!!!!!
Nov 16, 2003
One day back in High school, I was driving around in my beat up old '88 S-10. This POS had about 214,000 on its 4.3 V6 and an assload of bondo! :D Anyway, I was with my friend driving up Rt. 28 toward his house. I pull up to a set of lights and see a 1980 or so Honda Civic. I noticed that he had fog lights on it, but I didn't really think a second thing of it. Now, at this time, the truck had the passenger side bondoed up decent and the driver's side was still full of rust holes. The road that I was on splits to two lanes before the light and has the two lanes merge back into one in a sort of bottleneck. (Dumb design if you ask me!) Everyone always trys to get ahead of eachother before this bottleneck, including me. So, when the light turned, I gave the truck a little more gas than normal to beat the Honda to the bottleneck. My friend looks back as I'm driving and says "OH ****, this guy's trying! GO GO GO!!!", and sure enough, as I look in my mirror, I see his car hopping as he bangs the little car through the gears. I put my foot to the floor and blew his doors off! IN AN S-10!!!! :eek: The real funny part is that he saw the rusty side of the truck!!!! :eek: