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Jan 23, 2004
I was watching a show on Speed Channel, I think it was "American Auto Show" or something along those lines. The show is basically a cast that travels to all the major North American Auto shows to talk about all the new hype. Anyway the subject got to the future of Buick cars. They touched on how Buick is trying to loose the "old person car" image, and that they want to compete with such luxury makers as BMW and Lexus, for the Baby Boomer dollar.
I was wondering what you guys thought of the future of Buick. Personally I am disapointed with Buick. I think they have so much potential but ignore it. If they want to loose the "image" then they need a good kick in the ass. I think they need to completley re-think their styling. But more important they need to revamp the whole V6 FWD concept. It's not exciting it's boring. They need to go back to RWD, maybe with some V8 power, maybe AWD, and dare I say bring back the turbo program. Point being there has to be excitiment along with luxury that sells. I can't speak for the Baby Boomer generation as I am 26, but my father is. When we talk cars he always says if he had to buy luxury he'd by a BMW M3. Why because he says its good looking, plenty of power, it drives like a sports car, comfort, and you can't beat the feel of RWD.
Wouldn't it be cool to say such things about a new Buick.
I think most of us have come to accept that Buick is basically like that uncle of yours who used to be in a really good band once upon a time.....he'll likely be reminiscing on the good ol' days until he's dead.
Until buick dumps it current line of cars the OLDIES DRIVERS
will keep it going to buy them. For the value they are pretty good cars. I see lots of 80's & early 90's buicks still running.

Heck you see more crusty's driving buicks than you do Caddy's
Caddy is aiming for the NEVO RICH 35 - 55 drivers. you know the types buisness owners, doctors, dentists.
I can't remember which show mentioned it, but a couple of weeks ago Bob Lutz supposedly mentioned that he is planning on getting young buyers' attention for Buick by simply renaming some of the models and restyling them to look more European. There is also speculation that Buick will get a minivan. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Face it folks, the days of Buick musclecars are long gone. Hold on to your GN's and GS's.

I do really like my '99 Regal GS, but it's not much to look at.
It would be nice to see Buick jump on the "retro" bandwagon and produce a modern turboregal, not front wheel drive and with similar appearance to the ones we like. Maybe it is just that square lines, will never be back. These new retros are all curvey lined as they always had been. VW Bug, PT cruiser, Thunderbird, etc...My guess is that with EPA gas mileage concerns we are only going to see "round" from here on out. Therefore, any hopes of a nice modern GN might be lost. Maybe a 50s Roadmaster reincarnation might happen:rolleyes: ................
"VW Bug, PT cruiser, Thunderbird, etc..."

Look at the sales record of these cars, no long term staying power with retro, sales WAY down on all 3 after only a few years.

If Buick did make a new GN everyone would probably bitch just like everyone does about the new GTO.

Kinda funny as most of the people bitching are probably the ones that can barely afford to keep their 16 year old, bought used Buick going...

Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
The problem seems to be with the Bob Lutz's of GM and their thinking of Buick's "older drivers image". What happens when all of their "older" loyal drivers are no longer with us, the next generation of older drivers probably never bought a Buick in their lifetime and will stick to brand they bought from during their lifetime.

The reason why I like Buicks is because my dad had a 72 GS that I loved as a kid and eventually bought off of him when I was old enough. If it wasn't for that car I might be into Mustangs
Hell they gave Pontiac the OK to build the GTO, probably because of their image "We Build Excitement" Time to change Buicks image before its too late!!
So how does Buick plan to compete with Lexus. What is the price range because Buick has to be between Chevy and Cadillac and you already have price overlapping between all 3 thanks to the CTS.
v6 FWD is ok although RWD would be great...as long as they continue the supercharged(or turbo) 3.8 i'll be happy.....we have a BIG 99 Park Avenue Ultra that could hit the 13's with less than $1,100...as far as styling the past few years have been better than the cars of the early mid 90's...i'm not sure where they are going now, hopefully not too "european"
Can you say "Oldsmobile"?

Think about it.
Chevy is getting a host of new cars.
Pontiac is also, plus the GTO.
Cadillac is spewing out new exciting models.

Buick is just chugging along. This year we get a chromed up Trialblazer. Dead man walking.
Don't get me started on Olds. IMO the last Oldsmobiles were some of the best looking cars on the market. Simple but good looking. They were heading in the right direction but they gave up. I can only imagine what a 2004 Cutlass would be like, based off the GTO's Holden platform.


A RWD modern GN or GS would be awesome, but obviously a niche vehicle.

For the record, I am very pleased with my GP. I didn't even consider a Regal when I bought it, but I did look at a few Intrigues. My Dad bought a 2003 Alero (wish he'd stop spending my inheritance! :D) and its really sweet, for a daily driver.

Originally posted by Black Box
Don't get me started on Olds. IMO the last Oldsmobiles were some of the best looking cars on the market. Simple but good looking.

Agreed! I Love my OLDS 88.
Had 3 Olds in my lifetime & all were excellent running cars.
They were still running when I sold them.
I hear ya Steve. My 88 ran for 176K without a hiccup until it crapped the bed big time. Never saw the inside of a repair shop.

Sorry 'bout hijacking the thread LC2FNG. :)

I often wonder as I'm driving around in my GN with the "Buick Motorsports" decal in the rear window, how many yuppies in their BMWs and Benzes actually look at me and laugh? I can just imagine they are thinking "look at that idiot, he actually thinks a Buick is fast". :rolleyes: Unfortunately that's the kind of image Buick has built for themselves among the general public.

These are not good times for the Buick faithful. :(
Coming home from the world of wheels show, me and my buddy that I race with were talking about Buicks (he is a Pontiac guy). He made the comment that he hates getting stuck behind them as they are always some old timer going 10mph under the speed limit. Lo and behold, within the next 2 or 3 miles we got stuck behind a LeSabre driven by some old guy, after we passed him, we ended up stuck behind some blue haired old lady in a Regal. I remember when I was a kid and my dad had a killer 64 Riv. Then a 74 Apollo (350 4V posi). They had better get a hot car out soon, or they will go the way of Olds. Look at how many Subie WRX's are out there, not to mention Mustangs. Definitly is a market for performance.