FYI, Comp. Test - Hypers & Total Seal


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May 26, 2001
FYI, The new daily driver engine has about 300 miles on it so the rings should be pretty well seated by now. Just finished the compression test which resulted as follows:

1 160
3 158
5 160
2 160
4 159
6 160

One thing noticeable about this engine is that it has NO blowby even with the breathers off. It runs extremely smooth and very quiet. Engine response is very good but the trany is another issue, ugh. Guess time will tell if the Hypers and Total Seals make a good combination.
What did you set ring gap and piston to wall at? I am using the Hypers in my new motor with C&A Z-Gaps. Never had a problem with Hypers and figured what the hell on using the Z-Gaps. We will see!
Ring gap was set at:
top - .022 (gapless ring)
second - .018
Piston to wall - .0018

Did you get my message earlier today on the bumpers?
No messages on the bumpers. I will be at 3.820" so .0055"-.006" per inch on forced induction=.021"-.022" so that sounds good to me. Why tighter on the second ring? My last motor I went with the manuf. specs of .002" looser on the second ring. Is .0018" the piston spec or is that on the loose side? I thought Hypers were ok at .001" piston to wall? You should be fine unless the .018" gap on the second ring isn't enough to keep it from butting. Usually failures in Hypers is in the ring glands ripping out due to ring butt caused by too tight of gaps. I like .022"/.022". Sounds like a plan!
I remember the Hyper box said the minimum clearance was .0015. Did a bunch of research before boring the cylinders.

.018 is plenty on the second ring since the first ring catches the real heat and is virtually totally sealed. Did alot of research and called a bunch of people. Some people go a little tighter on the second ring (even first ring) but I could not see the point in doing it. This is a street car and not being setup to break records.
ring gap

I just installed some Total Seal Top Gapless with a 4.00 bore I used
Top gap --.026
Second ---.018
Total Seal sells some powder to wipe in the cyl bores (I have used a simular product from Tech Line Coating),, 5 minutes run time and the rings are suppose to seal.
After 30 min. run time I did a warm leak down test.
All but #2 had 0 percent leak --#2 had 2 per cent

A cold leakdown test is somewhat a waste of time
Seems most run the Total Seals. Anyone use the Z-Gaps from Childs and Albert? Anyone have the Total Seal part # for .020" over 3.8? I assume these are file-fit rings you guys are using?
Looks like no Z-Gaps for me, they don't make them for our motors:mad: I ordered the Total-Seals and about fell out of my chair when he (Jeg's guy) told me they are $222 for a set:eek: :eek: Hope they are worth it! They have two different ones, TS street and Max Seal for nitrous, blowers, etc... I got the Max Seals part #901-M216525. The 25 at the end is bore size plus file-fit. So if you had .040" over-bore it would be 45 at the end. I paid $70 for my Speed-Pros so I hope I get $150 in performance increase out of the Total-Seals!
you'll probly save that much in oil ..:D

speed pro's in my hotair motor still had aloto of blowby and my i/c motor with total seal file fits are great

.022 top and .018 second with std. bore 3.8
Lee Thompson, I used the dry lube from Total Seal to help the rings seat. That stuff works great just like everyone said it would! It was surprising how much easier it was to to turn the crank on the engine stand with the dry lube vs oiling the cylinders. I've built a few engines in my day and this one seems to be a hair better than the others, so far. No more speed pros for me.

Heck, I even used the Total Seals in the S2 engine and they work great.