GNS Test car For Sale!

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Damn! This is ultimately my dream car! Literally, my desktop, phone, and tablet has this car as my background. If in had the funds, it would be mine. Good luck Scot , that one hell of a fine creation. Sorry for the hijack.

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Hope things go your way loved driving your car was uplifting especially when mine was down kept the boosted juices flowing. Remember that 90 deg turn at 40 mph that was sick car did so as if on a rail. To anybody looking for a turbo Buick that is worth every penny you spend this car will not disappoint
Bump......LOT'S of interest but no one has even come to look at it.....
Have a guy coming to look at the car on the 10 or 11th .....
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Did it sell to someone here or Congrats! I think you're going to miss it though.
Hope they fully appreciate what that car meant to the TB community. Certainly changed some views on what a TB can do.
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