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Shhh... I've got a Secret
Oct 30, 2001
:cool:Hey Guys,

I went on the Toys for tots cruise sunday, lots of quality cars, not one T/R :confused: only a couple of Montes & Cutlass's about a million (exaggeration ;) ) F-bodies , and about anything else on wheels, Had a great time...

Anyway, Don T invited us out for their club meeting @ Ke'ehi lagoon park, just past the canoe house near the restrooms (all the way in the park, watch the speed bumps)
Next Meeting:

When: Sunday, December 9,2001
Location: Keehi Lagoon Park

Bring your lunches!
For more information, contact Darryl Lum(373-3254) or Don Tsuji(927-5292).

Note that these are about the nicest guys I've met on Island, and they have said we are always welcome to join them at their functions, and they have also said that they would like to expand the group to "officially" include the G-bodies as well.

Anyway come if you can, hope to see you there-Rob

Still dead '85 T, Monte still runs,maybe not as fast, but still runs:D

Come and pick me up! I'd like to do a little sports betting while I'm there! :D
I think me and Rob have the same calender :D
KENNE-BILL, Can I catch ride? I'll be ready by quarter till 6:30, lasterday evening :D
Wow, that was an awesome meeting guys!!

Sorry, you couldn't catch ride with me, but Einstein (the dog, not Albert) was in the passenger seat. I'll be sure to drop it off this past Wednesday, so that you guys can come over and pick it up yesterday. :D :D :D :D :D


Sorry guys, I was half asleep, I'll check on the date for December and let y'all know

I'm glad we are good natured about mistakes. I can make 'em here but not make too much "A"( ok, maybe just a little ):D
The right date

Here goes again,

Next Meeting

When: Sunday, December 9th, 2001 at 1:00 pm
Location: Keehi Lagoon Park

Bring your lunches!
For more information, contact Darryl Lum(373-3254) or Don Tsuji(927-5292).

Keehi Lagoon Park location
For those who are not familiar with this park, it is located at the Diamond Head end of the airport. To get there, get onto Nimitz Highway under the H-1, airport viaduct and turn makai onto Lagoon Drive. (South Seas Motors will be on your right.) Get into the far left lane and continue down past the Shell gas station. You will come to a traffic light with the airport on the right and tennis courts on the left. Turn left at the light and follow the long driveway into the park.
In previous years, we had been meeting at the canoe grandstand which is located almost at the end of the drive. It should not be difficult to miss a gathering of beasts. If you do not see us, have problems finding the place, or think you are in the wrong place, Call Robert@291-1328 so we can find you.