G-Body Weatherstrip for T-Tops and Doors with links


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May 31, 2001
I have done a search and lots of reading but most of it was in old threads so I am hopeful that there may be some fresh experiences about the topic.

Lots say GM only, but I must say that my original GM parts came from the factory looking like they were on the verge of failure in the area of the rear corners of the window and in a few years there were indeed gaps and then they eventually separated in that area. Sounds like many that have used Metro are not happy, Soft Seal users seem to feel a bit better about their product, and the one mention of 1A seems to be positive.

It looks like 3 parts comprised of 5 pieces are needed per side:

1) Roof Rails - one piece that seals the A pillar, then three sides of the T-Top, then down the rear of the window against the body.

2) T-Top Side Rail Seal - seals the T-Top against the top of the window.

3) Inner and Outer Window Sweeps - seals the top of the door against the glass on both sides.

Then to seal the door there is one part listed but it looks like there is also a seal attached to the bottom of the lower interior door panel.

1) Door Weatherstrip Seal - seals the door against the body on 3 sides, the front, bottom, and rear jam areas.

They also have kits, but it looks like the kits are more money that if one were to buy the parts individually - Am I missing something here???
There is the Basic T-Top kit that has the Roof Rails and GM Side Rails:
and there is also a more complete kit that includes the Door Seal and the Trunk Seal:

Seems like the deal here would be to buy just the Roof Rails, Side Rails, Door Seals, and Sweep Seals.

They say that the Sweep Seals attach to the door but I thought the inner Sweep attaches to the Upper Door Panel. Also, I thought I read something about the Sweep for the GN being different in color; all black.

So is this Monte Carlo stuff the right stuff for a GN?

Sorry about the length, I know there are lots of questions in this post. THANKS for your thought and experiences!!! :)
I'm in the process of making the same decisions. I didn't notice the math on the kit... it looks like you're right... there doesn't seem to be a reason why the kits are more. I believe all of the weatherstripping is correct for the GN's except for the sweeps. The outside sweep should be all black. If I try to look up the sweeps for the GN, they don't list them... so I think they're admitting they're incorrect for the GN. I'm also curious how others feel. I agree with you the GM weatherstripping looks to be showing it's age, while these seem fresh.

I was looking at the same stuff the other day. I need all of the same for my t-top 87 gn. I noticed if you select all the items seperately you can buy them cheaper.

side seals repro 59.95
t-tops repro 159.95
door seals 64.95

let me know if you get them. I want to do the same thing, I did just but a power mirror from them for a car I was selling. It was packaged very well and fit perfectly. Only 38.00 shipped to my door on a buy it now auction on ebay. So what I can say about them so far is nothing but good.
i'm needing all the seals also and realy like thei dea of saveing money.. if they
will stand behind the fit and seal and put it in writeing,one can't go wrong
I can't speak for gm seals but have just put on soft seal all around my t-tops and the quality looked awesome fit wise i had to massage seals in place but not to difficult, putting the t-tops in though was tough due to seals being new it was a fight but after this is week 2 they go in pretty good.
I can see any new weatherstrip needing a bit of effort to install and also making the t-tops hard to fit until the stuff settles in.

this is not on my immediate list of things to do, but maybe this summer i'll be ready for paint - then I make the move.

NOT looking forward to getting the door glass adjusted properly.
Weather strip

Awesome post--wish i found this befor i spent 140 for new carpet versus 115
oh well--i need the weatherstrip kit but i have no T-top so should be a little cheaper for me--Great post :cool: