Gainesville on the 19th of JAN



A group of us TR guys from jax are headed to g-ville for T and T
gates at 10
racing at 10:30
$5 to watch
$15 or 20 to race i think

Swweeetttt......:D I'll get the GNs ready to go. Need to shake the 87 down and see what she'll run. By the way...anyone in the J'ville area know where I can get a fire jacket? lol.

Just let me know where ya'll are gonna meet up before heading to G'ville. I'm in SE Georgia...about 90 mins from J'ville on a bad day.. Drop me an email if one of you don't mind.
I will bring my jacket. But they won't sweat it at G'ville on a T&T. If I can get a helmet, I would like to shake down the T I just got together.
Good deal. I sent Dan an email so hopefully I'll here from him soon. If they don't sweat tech too much for T/T, that's cool with me. Only reason I was concerned is the 87 is an easy 11 sec car, so not sure how they'll react to me not having a jacket. If DS shows no probs, I may lean on it a little and try getting a low 11 or high 10 out of it. That's when they may get a little aggravated...LOL
craig, i have a helmet, we will have to share it :)

i emailed our list again, looks like we will be caravaning with a large crowd which is cool....


lonnie, i emailed ya
I dunno if they would or not. I'm used to running in MD, and the tech up there can be a pain in the azz at times. The harnesses in the 87 are also out of date by a few months, but hopefully they'll miss that...:rolleyes: At least I know my helmet is Guess that's what I get for buying a garage queen/show car...:D
Thanks Dan, I may run. I still have the stock chip, so I may still run anyway. Hmm, I think I still got an ancient KB 9006.

Slo86GN I will bring my jacket. You can tech in with that or get it from me if the complain. But they won't. They never asked me about it until I actually tech'd in with it. I got it so I wouldn't waste a night of racing if they ever asked for it.

Wht87T, usually you can get a couple of runs in before they kick you off. And then it usually when you are in the solid 11's.
Originally posted by Wht87T
So my guess is that they'll kick me out if I dont have a roll bar and a jacket?

>>> Or because you puked a headgasket and they had to clean up the