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I got rid of the Sy several years back and now moved to new house and there is no room for these parts. Also have new kid so guess where my money goes?
1) Brand New 4.3 non-balance shaft block with factory coating on it. Some minor surface rust but will most likely clean up easily with hot tank. Also have brand new in box 2 , 4 bolt ,GM billet main caps. Block would have to be drilled for these. Asking 400.00 OBO and does not include shipping but if you live near Charlotte maybe we can meet somewhere.
2) ATR 36# chip and 6 Lucas 36# injectors. Ran very little. Ended up going with FAST system. Asking 200.00
3) ATR A/F meter. Brand new in plastic bag with all hardware and instructions to hook up to your ride. SWEET!!! 100.00+SH
4) ATR performance chip for stock injectors with a set of 38k stock injectors. Once again fell victim to upgrade fever and went with the 36's. 180.00
Couldn't post on due to low post count but you can ask anyone in and around Charlotte about me. Got pics of these parts and more. Just ask.
Block Pics

Block Pics


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Rearend Pics

Rearend Pics


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36lb Chip Pic

36lb Chip Pic


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The rear-end pic is of a 1998-2002 T/A rear that is pretty much complete. Was going to use as a swap out of the syclone for the rear disc conversion. I believe it was pulled for a whining noise. Been stored since brought home, surface rust only on rotors. Asking 170.00 OBO + S/H
The pics of the inj's and A/F meter would not load up so if you want pics i can send them to you if interested. Also selling 2 piece March underdrive pulley set for Syclone. Not used long asking 75.00+S/H OBO. Also have pics of them.