Gas and oil question


Apr 5, 2015
I am sure this has been asked before but?? Is it necessary to use an ethanol gas treatment or and oil treatment like ZDDP in an 86 T Type with minor mods?
Stock flat tappet cam .... Yes use ZDDP .
I have been using both an ethanol treatment and ZDDP. Was just wondering if it was overkill especially on the gas additive. My habits have carried over from my 71 Skylark in which both were needed.
ZDDP with a flat tappet cam for sure. Ethanol treatment not so much since you're not on E85 but its not hurting anything to use it, but your wallet.
My thoughts are use an oil thats already suitable for flat tappet cams, do some more research on it before taking blind loyalty as gospel.
I use ZDDP additive as a precaution. Years ago when I bought my first GN, as precaution, I immedeately changed the oil using Mobil 1 10w30 like in all my cars. Within 2 weeks I flattend a camlobe. Possibly it was coincidental but it was costly nonetheless so I've used ZDDP as a preventative measure.
Original owners manual states E10 (10 percent ethanol) is OK. So fuel system is safe unlike older cars. Ethanol just ate my sender o-ring on my 69 camaro and pissed 93 all over and ate the paint off the tank. Filled up on the way to work and was lucky I brought it in the shop that morning. Co worker noticed the gas smell, 10 minutes later it was running out in a stream. Not sure if the chips are calibrated for the ethanol as they require more fuel than straight gasoline. Not a fan of additives with boost. Maybe they are safe, but detonation is always a concern and don't know if it will hurt. Anyone know?

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