Gas gauge sender, HELP

Paul Lengyel

New Member
Dec 28, 2001
Gas gauge sender has decided to work part time. Seems as though it wants to read full 95% of the time. Is there anyway to repair the sender? If not, is there some place where I can send the sender to be repaired? I have a digital dash in my 1986 GN and the sender even at a discount from delco costs almost $200.00. Anywhere else I can get one cheaper? Please let me know.

Thanks, Paul
I think GM is using the same unit for the analog & digital dashes now Paul. If so, then I've got new GM hanger/sending units in the box for just $139. Email me if I can help. Thanks.
Mine recently has done the same....does it have anything to do with changing out the fuel pump I have done that recently...
I just changed mine and was told bt ATR that the unit for anolog is differant from digital...


Thanks Just a Six, Mighty Six, Michael McCoy. Mike I will check with GM Dealer. I always thought they were different but I don't know what the difference is. If I can use the anolog unit them I am sure we can get together. For the other member who changed the pump, I did not change my pump. The thing just started acting strange after I layed the car up for about six months. Prior to that it worked good. I guess its just getting even with me for not using it like I should have.