Gas station suprises


RIP Charlie!
Sep 20, 2007
I had to get gas tonight and had a little bit of a suprise when I pulled up to the pump. This is a local but I haven't seen this car before. It's a 67 Pontiac Ventura with a 428 in it and it's never been modified in any way. All original and just plain beautiful for the age. The older gent on the right side is the owner. Didn't get much time to talk to him but we did talk a little about the car and I was suprised that it's never been restored or rebuilt.
Anyone else run into something like this before? I was just lucky enough to have my camera in the car at the time.;)
DAMN! That takes me back, Charlie................yeah I saw one about three years ago, but not in that good of condition.........thanks for sharing, and good shot of it, too. You take pretty good pictures.
Man, I miss those days when the cars looked like real cars, and you could tell the make between them.

Bruce '87 Grand National
that must have been a special order car-2 door with a 428. Most were 400 with a 2 or ortional 4 barrel. Sweet ride!
Last Sunday I ran some errands and was coming home and met a older gentleman driving a white 1963 Corvette after a light rain the night before!! That was pretty cool!