Gauge Lens

Roy L.

Jan 18, 2005
ISO the clear gauge cluster lens for a digital cluster. Mine has a small Crack and while I'm switching out the Dash I want to replace it with a near perfect one.
WHO has one Available? Thanks
Back in ‘88 I wanted a tinted lens. I tried window tint a couple times to have it bubble from the heat of the dash.
I cut (don’t remember how) the lens out past the opening and silicone sealed a piece of tinted plexiglass in its place.
It looks blacked out when off, but the digits are easy to see when you start the car. It was tricky to drill the hole for the trip odometer reset button.
Using a piece of clear plexiglass may be an option if you don’t find a replacement lens. Maybe the tinted version is interesting.
All I could find at the time was 1/4” thick. I’ve recently used 1/8” lexan to make new lenses for some decorative pole lights behind City Hall (I’m the City Electrician).
I've seen the flat replacements but wasn't sure of the fit and looks of the flat piece. I would rather have an orginal if I can find one. Thanks for the replies so far. Anyone one have a good orginal? Any one have any first-hand feedback on the flat aftermarket one?