Gauging interest, 87 GN, built


Wish I had another Buick!
Jan 10, 2004
Well, Im getting tired of messing with this 20 year old car. 88K original on the body. Im quite seriously considering parting this thing out and wanting to see if there is any interest in the car whole but Im sure Id get more parting it out. Im thinking of getting another 05 GTO and putting a twin screw on it or an 03/04 Cobra.
The engine was professionally assembled by Red @ Eastern Virginia Turbo Buicks. The tranns in it right now is a CK Stage2, its flares bad but is still driveable. I have the TH400 mentioned in the add sitting in the trunk waiting to be installed. This car should have no problems running high/mid 9's. Right now Im having an electrical issue, engine idle drops momentarily with large electrical load, its posted in some other posts of mine, I doubt its anyting serious but Im just down right sick of this car.
The car does have some rust in it, I redid the floor pans with a POR 15 restore kit, have pics of before and after. If I was to sell it whole, Id have to get about $16,500 for it. The paint is not very good either.

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no rust in the front of the car, small amount on the lft rear quarter, 1/2 dollar size, and in r/s rear inner fender about the same size.

Here is a list of most of whats on the car
TCI Competition TH400 with Reverse manual valvebody, JW Ultrabell 200 amp alternator
Turbonetics T70mm P Trim Turbo .85 A/R (polished comp housing, JH 2000 black exh housing) 2500 street miles)
.040 over Stock 109 Block (ARP Main Studs) approx 9.2:1 compression (1100 street miles)
Ported stock lower intake
Diamond Forged Pistons (ARP Rod Bolts)
Diamond Racing Series Rings
BHJ balancer
JW flexplate
Eagle Forged Steel Crank (internal balanced)
K1 Tech Forged H Beam Rods
RJC Block Girdle
Champion Billet Fuel Rails
Champion Ported (to intake manifold) Aluminum GN1 Heads (ARP Studs) shaved I think it was .007
Scorpion Pedestal Mount 1:55 Roller Rockers
Precision 70mm upper plenum
Accufab 70mm Throttle Body
215/220 Comp roller cam
Comp roller lifters
3.5" aluminum driveshaft
Rollmaster timing set
Upgraded front cover w/booster plate in oil pump and cover mods for oil flow
83lb/hr injectors (Seimens)
F.A.S.T Bank 2 Bank Fuel Injection System w/WBO2, brand new sensor
Razors Progressive Alky Kit dual nozzle kit w/3 bar
TCS billet 9.5" 3400 L/U Stall
ATR 3" DP w/external Wastegate
Tnetics Evolution Wastegate
Dual intank Walbro 255lph fuel pumps
Moser Forged Axles w/ARP wheels Studs
TA Perforamcne Rearend Girdle
Metco adjustable rear upper control arms
Metco solid aluminum rear lower control arms
HRpartsNStuff rear sway bar
Bilstein shocks (4 corners)
ATR SS Jet Hot caoted headers
PST Front End kit (ball joints, bushings, tie rods, etc)
Poly Body bushings
Precision FMIC (bar and plate)
Accufabb AFPR
Accufabb 70mm throttle body (polished)
4" Big Mouth CAI
4" MAF pipe (aluminum)
RJC Billet Alum pullies (complete set)
HrPartsnStuff Poly motor Mount (drivers side)
CK Performance SG2 Trans with Trans Brake
ATR Test pipe w/dump
ATR driveshaft safety loop
Hooker 2 1/2 Cat back
Summit racing bullet mufflers
billet thermo housing
Kirban Variable Rate Rear Springs
Autometer Oil Pressure, 30Boost/30Vacuum, Water Temp, Fuel Pressure, EGT, Monster tach w/shift lite, A/F gauge
Weld Pro Stars 15x8 and 15x 6
Mickey Thompson 275/60/15 Drag Radials
Braided SS turbo feed and drain
160* thermo
Moroso line lock
MARK H EGR block off cover
Ramchargers Dual Fans w/Plug N Play Harness
Accel IGN Coil
Fbody aluminum radiator
aluminum core support
aluminum brake drums
aluminum front and rear bumper supports
-8 AN fuel feed line from tank
-6 AN trans cooler lines
Front mounted aux trans cooler
good seats, all of them
Delco IGN module (2500 miles)
Im sure theres some things I have forgotten

If I part this out, it will be in Apr/May when I get out of school in MS and get to OK where I will have a garage.
please see my for sale add, only parting this out if I cant sell the whole the whole car