Gauging local interest before Sale forum: 6157 turbo, FMIC


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Sep 29, 2005
Posting this here before the "For Sale" forum because I'd prefer not to ship these heavy items.

Knew all along I didn't need these parts on my car, don't race it, don't dyno it, just had the bug last summer to start modding. Now I could use the money so a few months later I'm ready to take them back off the car.

GT6157 Turbo Journal Bearing S cover 4" inlet

150 miles on this turbo if even that. Most of the miles came from driving to the Midwest Meet last summer. Have not raced or beat on it. Been hooked up to a turbo oil filter system from day 1 for clean oil. High pressure actuator included.

Paid $860, I'll ask $815 for the time being.


24x11x3 FMIC 3" piping

Again, same mileage/usage. A few things to note here. Inlet pipe from turbo to intercooler has a silver-dollar size hole where a blow-off valve flange was mounted. Outlet pipe going to the TB has a small hole for alky nozzle. You'd have to patch the holes if you don't need them.

Paid $550, $500 gets it or possibly trade for a nice upgraded stock location.