Was sold aftermarket reproduction Cutlass tail light emblems as NOS GM parts.
He changed the description after he was ousted for fraudulently passing off aftermarket as NOS.
Even admits to me in email that they were NOS but later confirmed by Goodmark as aftermarkets...
Lost $117 on that deal

On his website he used to have 'Made in the USA' or 'Made in America' on many of the parts he was having mass produced in China. That came down after his source was found out.:rolleyes:
I needed a part for my interior. Told him the color I needed. He assured me that he would pull the part from one of his junkyard cars. So the jerk then sends me a black Chinese pos that doesn't fit or even resemble the factory piece. Only lost 25$ so I consider myself lucky
got burned a few years back when I ordered some reman. brake products. Called/emailed/left a voicemail. Was called back a week later said it would be taken care of; got the run around for another few weeks saying it's being drop shipped. Think the total was around $300. Chalked it up as a lost and being younger at the time, didn't know what the heck to do.
I have since gone to full-throttle for all my needs; always someone to talk to on the phone and they remember me whenever I call.
Chuck said delayed ejaculation! LOL!! Uh that sounds more like a full on effect. Not a side effect. What does that mean exactly? So you reach climax and 2 hours later you're picking up bolts at Lowes and BLAWIE!!! You hose you're shorts? Sorry had to be dealt with... On the subject I've dealt with G-body in the past. Definitely an erection ending experience. I was sold an engine for a ( county Sherriff )buddys car . Oh yeah low miles like 30k heads never been off he says as he's drinking 10-12 beers smoking like a train while his kids ran around waiting to be driven home by someone way over the legal limit. So there he is installing a cam with an impact wrench. He broke a bolt off using the impact!!! ON A CAM BOLT! The engine also had studs but he quickly says the guy put them in for precaution...I get home after a 10 hour drive,disassemble the engine so I can use a torque wrench on the cam bolts and use a degree wheel on the cam...Novel ideas... Yes I know. Me being me I pull the rod and main caps and find a 10/20 crank in it. The pan he put on it was a N/A pan with no baffles. Learn the lesson! Stop buying from this tool and let his business die! I've also got a mug shot with some crazy conspiracy to blow up the world charges on this guy as well...(Joke) but serious charges! I saved it off this site. Do some research and you'll figure out not to deal with them. If you can get them he does have a few nice parts nobody else has but , that's it!
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Sorry Chuck, I know that this is an older post, however, I'm kind of new around here and I have gbody parts story / nightmare is more like it, to tell as well. I'm just curious as to what an "LCD" is?

One of many....This happens, when one deals w/ the LCD.
Due to the time lapse, I'd put the Camaro parts on Ebay, take some Zoloft,:D and chalk it up to the past. Won't "break" even, but not a total loss.
That's funny!!! Well, at least I know my somewhat warped sense of humor will be acceptable around here!! Thanks guys - good stuff!

I love these cars and I enjoy the help on this board like no other! It just baffles me as to how a supporting vendor is allowed to do stuff like this. In that, the whole reason that I buy from these vendors is to support this site! Heck if its a dollars and cents thing then I would even be willing to contribute, pay a monthly fee or what have you (just to avoid vendors such as this)! Therefore if its the money then let the members know how much it will take to fix it and let's have a little fund raiser!

Sorry didn't mean to hi-jack the OP's thread here! However, I have a story of my own coming (just need to wrap things up today) and I'll be posting one of my own! Fortunately for me, I have averted the crisis!

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Maybe it's Lunatic Compulsive Disorder.

Just sayin'.
I knew it wasn't Liquid Crystal Display so that was my next guess and not being a math major I never would have guessed lowest common denominator.