Get Em Ready... June 15 Get together Busse Woods

50% chance of scattered thunder storms high of 77. Could change over the next day or two.

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Ya The weather can change. The last 2 car shows I've attended said 40 chance of rain and on the morning of, no Rain. Lets check the HOURLY weather prediction on Friday for Saturday. The thing to look at is at what time might it rain. It could be 6am rain and clear up at 8am or it could rain late at night. Lets see.
Freakin Denny!!!! You just had to Detail your car for the get Together... What a Showoff. :) LolView attachment 192395
anybody going to be there that does body work? so that i can ask a few questions.

Our official body guy who owns several GNs as well as four GNs he painted will be at the meet this Saturday for you to see his work and ask questions.

Man what a baller, look at the bad ass beast and Brick paved drive way..... he always makes me park on the street when I show up with my leaky cars. You know us poor people have feelings too you know!

Baller? Says the guy with 10 acres of land, a pool, horse stable, a pull barn with cars wall to wall, hmmm a pond, a freakin bob cat for shoveling snow for his long drive way.... I can go on and on lol. Oh and no kids brother looks like your living the dream. By the way both my kids say hi ;)
60% chance of rain on Saturday.
I was going to bring out my TTA but its never seen rain so no chance.
GN engine is still on the stand.

PS anyone want to buy a 4 Post Lift?