Getting my Ty on Saturday!


Aug 13, 2006
I am picking up a 93 typhoon, black on black. The truck is pretty much stock and I am trying to keep it as stock as possible.( Doubt IT!) I allready ordered a set of pwr window motor b/c both of them are shot. It was time to replace my winter truck so I figured why not pick up a ty, prices are at thier all time lowest. This is definetly a buyer market, now I have my 2 dream cars my GN and the ty. I will post up pick this weekend, first thing I am doing is detailing it. Will update ASAP
Still detailing, sent out the CAC to have a new neck welded on. I will update with more pics. BEen treating the cladding with back 2 black and has been working well. This truck was stored out side and I am repair in years of sun damage to the clear.
So... how do you like it, any first drive impressions? I've never driven or ridden in one, what are they like?
I have been detailing it, going to register it either today or tomm. I had a tbss also, so once I get this on the road I can give you a compairison to that.
Nice pickup

You'll love the way it drives and handles.. the instant spool with 400+ ftlbs of torque through the awd is fun and effortless coupled with the very firm shifts of the stock trans and you'll be guzzling down gas with a grin
Thanks Guys, been driving the heck out of it. Doing a tune up as soon as my wires come in from RPM. The Awd is really different, but fun it kinda grabs all the time. Not as fast as the gn but nice
So far I have, put new window motors in, had the upper intercooler neck welded on it broke, replaced the rear suspension with belltech springs and bilsteins, installed a syclone#1531's billet tie down and scoop A+, sport machines vac kit another A+, new plugs waiting on my wires and intake from rpm to get here, reinstalled the pillar pod and fixed the arf gauge. I also cut and buffed the whole truck, detailed the interior. I stole mandi's idea for the wheels and plasti dipped them. Also waiting on a catback from RPM and getting a chip from Eric at Turbo tweak.