Getting ready to buy my heads and cam, couple more questions


Aug 2, 2009
When I buy my champion ported irons. The ones that r $1200 Is it worth paying champion to do more porting on them with my setup? Stock bottom end

Also is there a better roller cam or cam kit then just buying a comp cam kit for $840 So like buying the cam and everything separate? Bc I already have the rollmaster timing chain that is brand new social wouldn't need the one from the comp kit.

I hope I was clear with everything My goals r in my sig but if more port work and a better cam kit will get me past that then I wanna do that then
I have a brand new set of Champion irons and ported stock intake for slightly less than retail if your looking.

For the cam, your best bet is to call a vendor (I like DLS) and order a kit from them. They should be able to get you the correct parts you need to just bolt in and go.