Give me the low down on a Holley swap


May 27, 2004
I have read countless threads here for a couple days. My issue with the 79 Centurys draw thru system is, I don't have a Q Jet. I do have a brand new Holley 600 with vacuum secondaries in a box already. I have read mixed things about cfm. Don't get me wrong, I like Q Jets but I've had several I rebuilt that had issues with worn throttle bushings. I have a lot of tuning and drag racing experience with Holleys. What I've read involves doing a boost reference mod and this is very simple. I'm not planning on racing the Century. I just want a fun 16 second car to enjoy and show. I do have a rear jet plate kit with longer tube so it will take jets instead. What I'm understanding is I will no longer need the PEVR in the intake. Correct? If not, I can use it's port in the intake for the boost reference point. Correct? I plan on trying the factory 79 turbo HEI with the control box on the fan shroud. Hopefully it is good. My other question is fuel pumps. Is a factory replacement from a parts store going to work fine or should I go 7psi electric? I do have a friend that can mill down my adapter plate for the squarebore flanged Holley to fit a little closer. Looking at the skeleton structure under the hood, I could cut out a section for clearance and re plate it in tighter to the hood. I have a background in metal work. Another thing I'd like to know is on the vacuum advance to carb = do I need a one way check valve in it? Will I also need one on the boost reference line too? Any info would be greatly appreciated. This site is a GIANT wealth of information and I have been glued to my chair with my reading glasses on. In the words of Johnny 5 = More input
You don't need a check valve on the dizzy. It's never going to see boost because on a draw thru your carb is always in vacuum

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