Glass Pipes???


Mar 15, 2002
im trying to see if anyone has used a glass pipe instead of a muffler, the reason im asking is that i want to replaced my flowmaster since there known for having alot of restriction, i went with my buddy to a muffler shop today to remove his old and worn mufflers his setup is pretty much straight pipe, no cats or mufflers, and it was to loud for my taste, so im thinking of just replacing my muffler with a resurnator(glasspipe) has anyone tries this? :confused:
Its called a glasspack and they sound like $hit.Do not put one on your car.If you want a straight thru muffler that will sound mean,get dynomax race magnums.
Resonators are made to be used with mufflers. I see them a lot on newer vehicles. My 90 model VW (RIP) had one before the muffler and was relatively quiet. I had it removed and it was just a tad louder. My 99 Montana has one right after the muffler and it is dead silent.

I believe they are used to help tone down the sound. If they are before or after the muffler I don't think matters. A resonator by itself does sound awful. Our 87GN has straight through design mufflers, almost identical to a resonator. A pair of 3" pit bulls from ATR in SS. To me it sounds great, but I like a some sound.

If you use the resonators with a pair of mufflers, it should be right quiet. Yes, the flowmasters are restrictive with the turbo. They are made for a different purpose. There are may choices for mufflers. Many here have opinions of different brands, models, etc. I would think a straight through desing or a pair of turbo mufflers in the typical location crossed to a pair of resonators in the stock muffler location would be interesting. I haven't ever seen or heard of anybody doing this.

Hope this helps.