GM EOS Discontinued!!

Sorry, I posted this on all forums that I belong to about 3 weeks ago. I bought up all that I could find locally at about $9.00 or so a bottle. As much as I hate to see it dissappear from the shelves, there should be no cause for concern, AC Delco is making a replacement under a a AC Delco p/n, GM also has some assembly lube as a replacement, at about 4 times the money, theres also BG MOA, which is hear is very good, but maybe not readily available, CD2's "SLOB" Street Legal Oil Booster available at "Big Lots" stores, I hear, and quite a few oil stabilizers are out on the market such as Lucas, STP, and a host of others that are heavily laden with zinc & or phosporous (sp). Just one more cross that we have to bear as a turbo Buick person, I guess. If you do a search on here and T6P you will find the part #'s for the other substitutes and additional info. HTH We had a thread going up in the Tech section about 3 weeks ago.
Gary, What's the AcDelco part#? I haven't seen it in any of the links.

I myself stocked up on our last (2) cases from here at the dealership.