Gm lower door weatherstripping

86 TR

Work In Progress
Mar 9, 2007
I'm looking for a pair of gm lower door weatherstripping. Nos.

I tried metro door seals and the doors wouldn't even begin to shut.

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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but for the price and fit I got this one and it fits really good.
They will provide with a hard plastic grommet and plastic thumb pins, ( I didn't use the pins, but did used the grommet).
One thing, when I installed the weatherstrip, I removed the old ones (keep the sheet metal screws), clean the rubber residues, place no 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, just install one side with the plastic grommet and sheet metal screw; start to work around pushing in the weatherstrip pins into the door pilot holes.
After all of the weatherstrip pins are in place use the 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive according to the directions of location.
At first the door won't close all the way, and what I did I spray silicone, force the door close and don't open it until couple of days.
The longer the door remains close the better the weatherstrips will fit to the door.