GM Original Front Bumper Fillers


May 8, 2011
For sale: Front set of brand new GM original bumper fillers, untouched, unpainted, very flexible.
$220+ shipping
Do you have the original boxes they came in? What real price are you looking for? Would you do $200 Shipped? Thanks, Lynno
I do have the original boxes plain brown cardboard with the GM stickers on them, but if I ship them in those boxes I'm gonna need 200+ the shipping I can fold the original boxes up or cut out just the stickers and include them in box I have ready to go for 200 shipped. Because I would have to ship them separate in their original boxes due to the fact that I do not have a box big enough to include them in one big box. Does that make sense?? Ha
Yes you make perfect sence. If you could fold the oringinal boxes with new shipping box I will take them for 200 shipped. Give me your paypal address and I will send money. If you want to I can pay the 3% paypal fee. Thanks, Lynno.