GMHTP Wants Quick Budget GMs


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Sep 17, 2003
GMHTP is searching for the quickest budget-built EFI GMs out there.

It doesn’t matter what the combination or ET is; we’re considering street, street/strip, and strip-only vehicles. The only requirements are:

Big dyno and track numbers from vehicles that, for the money spent, make more power and run quicker than the average Joe’s.

Your vehicle should be presentable enough for magazine publication––no rolling POSs, please.

You are willing to explain your speed tricks to your fellow EFI enthusiasts in the article.

Your vehicle would be available for an early March photo shoot.

If you feel that your ride qualifies, please send the following to

External front/rear and engine photos of the vehicle

Scanned timeslip and/or dyno graph

Explanation of your mods

Difference in your ride’s performance over others with similar mods

Some of the free, low-buck, and high-tech tricks you’ve used for this superior performance.

The deadline is February 22!
Dam I cant believe no one has stepped up. Alot of 10's cars any TSM car would be talked up all stock. I cant help mine is far from lowbuck sorry
Great magazine,still having GN articles after all these tears is great to see.How about doing an intercooler test?Fmic would be in everyones interest.By the debates lately on these buick boards I think you wouldnt be able to keep issues on the shelf.Same car,same setup,changing only FM and associated ducting.
I sent an email with some pictures of my 84 Ttype built for the GRM $2003 challenge. Car is EXTREMELY low budget and is a great car for coverage.

I dont have a scanner for scanning timeslips and dont have any saved on my computer, but know that it will turn high 12s in street trim. Last outing was 8th mile and it ran a 8.30@87mph. Not too bad for pump gas/radials.

Sorry im close to deadline, but I work daily and did not see the post until today.
Thanks for your consideration.
Well, havent heard back from Rick so I guess its a no go. I tried though guys. I would have had the most power per dollar of any car there! Prob. the most car for the $ too. hehe.