GN-1 Super Extreme Intercooler

As you can see only mounted in the car and ran for one week. Going back to my CAS V-2 intercooler that one pipe was hurt a little when I wrecked my show car but got it repaired, so I'm putting it back in this new car. Absolutely !! nothing wrong with this big s.o.b. except they DON"T polish nothing very nice and I have worked on that myself and it looks alot better then when I got it.Paid right at $800 for this cooler with shipping, will sell for $600 plus shipping. Will have to ship it in two boxes. It measures 27 x 17 x 3.5 and all pipes are 3in. Will come with hoses and clamps.
Thanks Mike


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How much shipped to 20020? Also what color hoses and is it set up for stock throttle body?
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