GN Center Caps loose


Apr 19, 2002
The plastic posts that stick through the metal ring are broke. Whats the best way to fix this?

I'd hate to have to replace the caps b/c they are mint.
I have epoxied a few and they lasted as long as any other without epoxy. Just clean real good and mix the compound as required and be liberal in the application.
Thx for the reply. I have one remaining plastic post. Should I chalk that up as a loss and break it off so I can get the thing epoxied?
Yup. Break it off and epoxy it. I took some epoxy and put a dab on those plastic pins on my remaining caps to keep them from breaking off. After I lost 3 in a month just driving to car shows I epoxy them all! Haven't lost one since :)
I got brand new ones. Take a small propane torch and heat the tips of the plastic studs that come through the ring. It makes them heat up and expand to the point I could not get them off the ring.