GN Diecast Checklist

All the Cars movie Chick character. Turbo regal with bump in hood!!!!!!!!!! That would be the green car.:)
Maisto:G Ridez in Red...not sure what year or series off the top of my head.

Johnny Lightning: Musclecars new release (R14)- Blue/silverish color T-type w/black wheels, w/chrome wheels, WL version.

Johnny Light Musclecars 10 box set: they make a White Lightning version also.

All 1: 64 scale...I have some pictures posted in "My Buick Collection" thread.
1/16 Donk RC? or is it 1:10 scale like the motormax version?

List updated (except for cars movie ones, gotta find out who makes them)!

That "red" G ridez is labeled as the copper colored car.

Need more info about any of the nascars, stock rods, or older series such as The Hot Ones by HW. Or basically any regals without a bump in the hood that aren't listed there.

Yes its mattel. I have a few that are my sons and just bought a bunch for me too.:) :biggrin: :wink: :smile: :cool: :p ;)
list updated. Thanks guys!

Went to wally world, kmart, then finally found the chick car at meijers.

Either somebody buys up all the TR cars out here, or they just don't send them out this way :confused: as I never really find anything over here without hunting like a dozen different stores!

"HTB" on headlight - HoT Buick? :biggrin: ;)


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