GN Driver side Seat

Chris McDade

Active Member
Jul 13, 2001
Looking for a driver side seat. Don't need the track. Seat covers don't have to be good. Seat must not be bent or damaged.

My driver side seat back rest is bent and need to replace it with a good one. Prefer one local. In Houston.

hello and join the club; From hard acceleration or by poor design the drivers seat back rest does get bent. Mine is bent and I'm thinking of getting it reinforced and made correct by a good interior guy. If you have any luck I'll be very jealous.
They usually won't bent if you are not over weight. Mine was like this when I bought the car and im just now getting around to getting it fixed. Im not sure if, there is any way to reinforce it. If, I find a way I will let you know.

I have one but shipping is going to be insane if you dont find one local.
Is the seat bent or does the hinge just need replacing. The notches on the recline part of the hinge can strip and cause the seatback to not be as upright as normal. The hinge assembly is used on camaros, cavaliers and other GM vehicles.