GN has no book value?


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Howdy all I called Citifinancial (due to my bad credit)to get a loan today - in addition to them telling me a lot of crap that was on my credit report which is bogus, they also told me that my 87 Grand National has no market value according to their "Red Book"
They told me my credit card payments were not up to date
despite the fact I have been making payments on it
in addition they told me I have an outstanding balance with Verizon - I called them I dont - any ideas ?? I'm calling back to have them send me a copy of the credit report
I called them back I had to fax copies from Kelly's blue book, then
they are sending it over to the regional office this should be interesting
I am not 100% about this but my wife & myself once got a credit report & were amazed at how they rate you.

We had paid off a few bills early & got a bad rate for that :eek:

We had credit cards from back when were both single follow us
saying we HAD THEM but none had a balance.
Even though we never used them
they told us we had to contact all these companies
Like sears, macy, jc penny etc etc to actually close the accounts from over 15 years ago. :eek: otherwise if we didn't close them we would be considered a risk having too much credit at our finger tips..

Why do you need them to know GN value?? Trying to use the GN as collateral?
I had the same problem at my credit union.They were looking up the value for a plain jane regal,even after I stressed a dozen times that is was a Grand National,they were still like :confused:You have to tell them to look it up as a T-type then add on the GN option.My bank actually used the site to check the value.I had to go in the office and show them where it was on the site,that's when I realized what they did.
I really dont want to use the GN as collateral, but as it stands my credit is kinda crappy - and since I have some goodies being done on my Regal while it kills me to use the GN as collateral
I think that is the only way they will give me a loan (so far) and the only way to pay off my car to get it out of the shop
Actually it was the over $1000 dental bill that messed me up
not to mention my original rebuild 6 months ago that cost me $1300 that had to be re-done :mad: (can you say money down the toilet) but thats a whole other story
Make sure your credit union has a NADA book. It does list the Grand National quite nicely. Last I checked 17,500 was the average value!
Originally posted by PNYKLR
Actually it was the over $1000 dental bill that messed me up

OH I know this dentist route so well!
Thier prices are sky high!
Still waiting for my insurance company to reimberse me for a $750 wizz pull. :(
ah, I feel ya. My credit sucks too. I wanted to get a loan to do up my GN engine a bit more quickly. I guess it's a paycheck to paycheck rebuild again....