gn in junkyard in blue island illinois

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
i went to u-pull it yesterday on 141st and western in blue island ill. i walked through the door into the yard and on the gm side there is a gate if you look through it u will see a 86-87 gn the hood is gone motor trans tailights the license plate is still on the fron it says sovak 2 ir sovan 2 the plates are the old style blue and white ones the car has t-tops too.i dont know if someone junked it or not but i just wanted to know that i am looking out for gns that look out of place .
I saw that sitting about 2 months ago in there.... It was in the very front part of the yard that was "sectioned off" when I saw it... looked like no motor or hood or anything... I couldn't get near it b/c it was surrounded by high fence.

I was just there last monday and was looking for it again but couldnt find it floating around. Was kinda disappointed when I was there... a lot of FWD crap, had more RWD G-bodies over the summer.
Anybody interested in that car?

I deal with the U pull it guys out of the North Ave store and should be able to get ahold of that car if anyone wants it. Let me know? Hate to see a GN in a boneyard. :(
depends what they want for it? I would like to take a look at it first... Brer, see if you can find anything out about it :)

Ill check on wednesday when I go back to work, if u dont hear from me by wed. night PM me to remind me please.