GN Parts, 82-92 Fbody Swap parts!!

Intercooler and up-pipe sold pending payment!!

Kenne Bell FP Gauge traded

MAF Pipe, MAF Sensor, and Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator SOLD to toribio.
Here are pics of the Turbo, the turbine has scuffed the compressor housing. Im pretty sure it would need rebuilt but didnt smoke on my car for the year and a half it was installed. Im asking $200+ Shipping for this. Has a polished compressor housing and a ceramic coated .63AR exhaust housing.


Lower intake, exhaust manifolds and crossover SOLD and shipped

Intercooler fan SOLD and shipped

MAF, MAF pipe, and Adjustable FP Regulator SOLD and shipped

Modified Intercooler and up-pipe SOLD and shipped

Kenne Bell Fuel Pressure Gauge Traded

Tensioner/Idler pulley pending sale to rag231

Metal Vacuum lines and vacuum block(w/ vac. Brakes) Pending Sale to scrobbyd

Thanks Chris I got the parts,Great job parts were right on time thank you for getting them out as fast as you did.Take Care,AL.