GN played with me this weekend


Mar 27, 2002
i was on the way to my parents house late last night, when i noticed the unmistakeable taillights of a GN about 3 cars ahead of me in traffic. i had just gotten the vette back on the road and wanted a little action, so i started pulling a ricer move and began weaving through traffic to catch up to this guy. finally i got door to door with him, and gave him a few revs. he responded with a few of his own, but we still couldnt do anything yet because of the traffic. so we both began to try to get ahead of the traffic situatuion, and i actually ended up in front of him. well he started riding my ass and revving, so i punched it and pulled away from him pretty good (my 700R4 actually did something right and downshifted into 2nd instead of 3rd). we got door to door on the open road when the light ahead of us turned red. i lined up with the GN, and the driver rolls down his window and asks "well, do you wanna go?". "Sure" i said... of course i wanted to go. I proceeded to do my burnout,when the light turned green. he took off while i was trying to stop my tires from spinning. in a vain effort to catch up, i floored it, but i was wasting my time. he already had a 4 car lead on me, and there was no way i could close that gap. Just then, a eclipse turned out in front of him. by this point, the road had opened up from 2 lanes to 3, and the GN dove for the far right lane and pulled right next to the import. the eclipse took off and the Buick waited a few seconds, toying with him. after the ricer had a few lengths on him, the GN floored it and passed the eclipse like he was standing still. even though i lost (mostly because i was still in the middle of my burnout when the light turned green, but the Grand National probably would have beaten me anyway), it was still a cool race. This was my first GN encounter, and it was cool watching him spank that ricer!
Sounds like it won't be too much longer before you'll be like that:) . You'd probably have passed him once the speeds reached 120+, that's if you weren't too CHICKEN to stay in it. (j/k :cool: )

The Darkside awaits you.....

Don't underestimate the power of the Force...

Regardless of whether you stay w/ the L98, or find your way into an LC2, HP can be lots of fun, huh? Keep us posted if you do mods and/or get 1/4mile timeslips, etc.
heres a suggestion....dont do burnouts...they prove nothing as far as a stoplight race goes...especially with street tires ...or even dr's for that matter ....anyways...most of the time you just look like a jack ass when you do one at a stop light ;)
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Good story. Keep the TPIvette when you get your TR so you can have the best of both worlds

oh man thats so true
one time i was sitting in traffic and these two mustangs one behind the other do the stupidest thing. the first one came up next to me, stopped and a did a burnout. Second one did the same and I just laughed. It was pathetic to see these to idiots do a burnout in traffic.
If they had Nitto DR's on there they should have done a burn out. The are heat sensitive like et streets. I could launch my car (est 550hp) with 5 #'s of boost and stick when heated. If i went cold i could't hold a pound, and from idle they would light up, especially on the 1-2 shift. Heating up regular radials, or BFG DR's are a waste, just a little spin to clear em is all you need.
Vette vs GN

Hey TPIVette .. just read your story bout street dragin. Your tale sounds exactly like what its all about .... street cars and open lanes.
Too bad ya lost ... but that is the fate of those that mess with the children of DARTH.
i didnt even bother to race. he took off while i was heating up my tires (trying to get them hot to get a decent street launch). by the time i could get my tires to stop spinning, he had a few lengths on me, and i wouldnt have been able to catch up. had we come upon another light, i would have liked to race him for real, but watching him blow away that Eclipse was good enough for me