GN Stock Radiator... any value?


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Do I toss it, sell it, or recycle it? I have what I think is the stock radiator off my '86 GN. The oil lines connected to motor side, trans lines were on opposite side. Does this sound stock?

Never leaked but probably needs to be rodded out or acid flushed. It's a complete and undamaged radiator. Car ran 225 degrees on very hot days, so I recently installed the F-body unit.
If you get rid of it, recycle it. I got a fair amount of money for 3 old radiators that I took in. I kept mine around like you thinking I might get it recored and sell it, but got tired of looking at it.
I had a fresh core installed on my passenger's side tank, made a good radiator out of crap for about $200, so yes, hang on to that old part.
Old radiator

Think AZGN used to recycle the tanks and installs his 3 core to make the rad he sells. Had one and they are great.
I cut the tanks of my old core and kept them in case i need another AZGN rad. I had the original cores sent to AZGN and he recored it with his 3 row. He likes it when you just send the tanks and not the whole rad. His rad is A+.