GN/TR parts for sale!!! Lots to choose from!!


I'm having a "GN garage sale" if you will. I will check my email for PM's regularly to answer any questions in a timely manner. All parts are also available to look at in person.

*I am willing to ship smaller items, but large items and any glass pieces will NOT be shipped via courier.

*I am willing to do local delivery from 53517 (Madison, Dubuque, Freeport, etc), but I will ask for full asking price on any parts delivered by me in person along with $25 delivery fee due to the current fuel prices.

*I do have photo's of all parts. If you would like to see them before a purchase, PM me with a good contact email and I will send photo's.

*I prefer cash or money order only. If you have a question regarding the use of PayPal, PM me.


Turbo Regal Parts FOR SALE:

-T-Type lower door panels, excellent condition. Just need to be cleaned up $175/pr.

-GN lower door panels, good condition, one small repairable puncture on LH panel (about the size of a nickel). For Concert Sound II speakers, $175/pr.

-Qty 3 Rear valance panels between decklid and rear window. *1-Dark Blue, 1-Black, 1-Gray. Gray one will need some surface rust clean-up. $100 each for the blue and black one, $75 for the gray one.

-Complete set of Front and Rear GN bumpers. Come with mounting bars. Some surface rust on both the brackets and the bars, but repairable. $250/pr

-Rear bumper for GN, bar only. Great shape $150.

-Dash panel assembly. In great shape, does not have appliqué for passenger side. Needs to be cleaned up, $175

-Astroroof shade, glass, chrome trim, and track. Shade needs restoration, do not have roof motor. $225/set.

-Pair of black headlamp bezels. RH has repairable crack (someone previously tried with hot glue) near the park lamp mount, $75/pr.

-RH chrome headlamp bezel. Chrome is starting to peel off, $15.

-84-86 Chrome grille. Good shape, chrome needs to be polished and cleaned up, $150.

-Black 87 grille w/Buick emblem. 3rd fin from the left (drivers side) is missing a small section of plastic, it is not real noticeable. $175.

-Qty 2 Instrument cluster dash pads. Both in good shape and free of tears or cracks. $75 each (Would include one in the sale of the complete dash assembly)

-LH fender off of GN. I can’t verify that this is a true GN fender, as its had repair done to it. On the backside, you can see where some holes were filled, possibly molding mounting holes? There is also one repairable dent in the top of it. $200.

-Set of 4 driver quality GN chrome wheels. Two of the wheels have out lip/curb damage. $300/set.

-Partial interior panels from a T-top car. Includes L&R rear interior side panels, metal headliner rear trim panel, L&R a-pillar panels, LH b-pillar panel trim, t-top center section. $300/set.

-Qty 2 wiper cowl panels, one black one chrome. Both need reconditioning, $35 each.

-Pair of door sill panels, one has a repairable ding in it. $75/pr.

-Partial regal interior, brown in color. Includes L&R kick panels, rear metal headliner trim, and RH a-pillar molding, $50.

-Qty 2 sets of gray kick panels. $50 each pair.

-Complete set of Front and Rear arm rests. Good shape, no cracks or tears. $125/set.

-Rear interior trim panel inserts (cloth). 1-T-type set, 2-GN sets. One set of GN’s needs to be cleaned up before install. $30 each pair.

-Radiator mount top panel. Has surface rust, $30.

-Outer window sealing strips, used but in good condition. Free of dry rot or cracks, $50/pr

-Qty 3 turbo heat shields. All need to be cleaned up, $40 each.

-Complete glove box, $50.

-Stock up pipe, $30.

-Front bumper lamps, driver quality, $30/pr.

-RH bumper lamp, driver quality w/ trim bezel. $20.

-Pair of side marker lamps, edges are broken off but still useable for a driver quality car. $25/pr

-Qty 2 license plate brackets. Good condition, $25 each.

-Set of 6 dash vents. Chrome trim needs to be re-done, $30 set.

-Center console plate. Needs a Kirban overlay kit, $35.

-Set of 7 dash vents with good chrome trim, $75 set.

-3 sets of door pull straps, all in good condtion. $25 per pair

-2 sets of good, used hood struts. $25 per pair.

-Qty 2 intercooler screens, $25 each.

-Pair of used window motors, not sure of there condition. $10/pr

-HVAC/Radio trim bezel, $30

-Stock ECM (86-87) with Delco prom. Worked when removed, $175.

-3 pc windshield trim set, $50.

-Dash cluster w/145 mph overlay. Missing needle, has LED bars. $40*

-Complete analog cluster in excellent condition. Comes with Low Fuel light socket/chip. $175.*

-Complete interior/dash/forward harness for hardtop GN/TR. $125.*

-Pair of door windows, excellent shape $250/pr.
Bump for Monday. Reasonable offers not refused!! If you want to discuss any of the parts over the phone, PM me with your phone number and I will return your call.
moparkid, paypal sent. check your PM I sent you a message.

Thanks. I will take the part to work with me, and ship out with other items today.

***PayPal was accepted on this transaction because it was a small amount. Cash or Money Order is prefferred***
I will take the gauge cluster and the black wiper cowl if you will ship to nj you take paypal whats the address and whats the total with shipping
PM sent to HotAirGN in regards to 145 mph cluster, as he was in line first. 87hottness, I'm still gathering shipping quotes for you. If HotAir passes on the cluster, you are next in line. I was organizing PM's and a parts list and have been awaiting payment on the cluster, this is my fault and I apologize. I will let you know either way.

Items that are sold:

1 set of rear interior cloth panel inserts.

1 pair of hood struts

Center console plate

Stock up pipe

Chrome h/l bezel

I will accept PayPal now on items!!!

I am also willing to ship, but shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.

I will be attending Automotion in WI Dells, WI from May 20-22. If someone wants an item or items that will fit in my GN, I would be more than happy to bring them along with me and save on freight charges. However, items must be paid for in advance.