GN vs 1970 plyomuth satalite


i was at a local cruise night in MA. and i was checking out this 70 satalite. it had a 440 with headwork,cam,intake,headers,411 gears,etc. i overheard him bragging about how his car is fast and how he likes to beat "young kids who think they have fast cars". my car was in race trim 25psi,so i waited for him to leave and i followed him to the highway. i start to catch up to him (about 10' from his bumper) then he hammers it, i floor it but he pulls me by 4-5 cars. damm i say to myself, so i pull along side of him to give a thumbs up (and try to get a fair race). he and his friend start laughing at me :mad: then he says "we should have raced from a stop and i would have used my trans-brake, then we will see how i will beat you buy then. so as he is running his mouth i am brake boosting (about 10 psi) then he looks ahead and hammers it, i let off the brake and hammer it. i pull him by 3+ cars and keep pulling away:cool:. so i slow down to about 45mph too wait for him and he just stood back. he must have been pissed getiting beat by a 19 yearold kid:eek:

i had almost the same exact situation. some old head in a '69 camaro at a local cruize night. i kind of know him and remember asking him if he ever took his car to the track. he said no because he would get kicked off for not having a cage (i.e. faster than 11.50). anyway, we end up leaving at the same time so i start following him. my car runs 12s on 16 lbs. he stabs it while he's in front of me, so i do the same, and i think he pulled away a little. so then we both make a right turn onto a two lane street. i couldn't really spool it up but just hit it right as i turned. and he did too. he has the inside lane too (shorter distance). next thing you know i'm ahead of him by like two cars. i felt bad. i think i embarrassed him in front of his girl. he was cool though, he was giving my car props earlier that night.