GN....worthiest opponent yet


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Jul 7, 2001
I just recently sold my IROC-Z in favor of looking for a nice GN(good choice if you ask me)..anywho..I'm out with my friend in his mustang this weekend instead of taking my car out. There wasn't much going on anyone out there had either already been beaten by him or really didn't want to chance it against his car. So we're hanging around and this nice 87' GN rolls up sounded real nice and looked even nicer. Now I'd seen this guy around before but never out racing with us. So he pulls up near us and parks his car. My friend's checking out his car and decides to ask him for a race. So he goes over asks the guy in the GN if he was interested in running his mustang. The guy replies "That thing is a waste of my gas.." now my friend's mustang isn't much of a looker the body has all replacement parts on it and a white cowl hood(needs paint all around) so many people just dismiss it as a big POS when they see it. So we invite him over to come and look under the hood and take a good look at it.He comes over and decides the mustang will give him a pretty decent race. So we head out to the quarter mile and line up. At first he kills us off the line because we caught no traction even with full drag slicks on the car. Once we caught traction we caught up with him and lost by about one car. On our way back he agreed to go again for another run. Next time was a different story we did beat him by only about a half a car length. It was nose to nose the whole time. We've never had a car come close to doing that yet. Now my friends mustang runs low 11's with no nitrous and on slicks. We didn't juice him either but he was the only person who my friend ever raced against that my friend thought of using the nitrous against. It was truly an impressive car and we ended up talking to him after we got back..I asked him if he was interested in selling it his reply was "it's nice to see you have a sense of humor this late at night"...ahh well it was nice to dream. :)
Where do you guys race? Fall River or New Bedford? How's the racing scene in New Bedford? I haven't been there in years, we try to stay around Fall River.

We were in fall river..that's the best bet for competition around here...Racing in New Bedford from my experiences really sucks..There's nowhere good to race except industrial park and the cops know that so no racing can really go down. I've had a few stoplight wars especially coming home from work when I get off the highway and drive by wendy's every now and then some import will pull out of there and try and give me a run for my money. Other than that I've had a few races in fall river. I just enjoy going out there and seeing all the cars. Alot of nice older cars and good quality machines. How often do you go racing out in fall river? I was out wth one of my friends from NB that night. I have another friend out there with a similar mustang from westport you may have seen it around or maybe the pink 67' RS camaro convertible..that's his girlfriend's father's car. I've only seen a few nice GN's out there..There was a real nice one out on saturday. But no racing..too many cops it was a madhouse...
i'm sure you've seen on of my gn's out there. i havnt been out in almost two mounths cause of the cops. its killing me so i might have to head out this saturday if it dont rain. i wonder whos gn that was you raced. i've never raced or seen any fast gn's out this year but mine and jacobs'.
I know I was wondering the same thing...I'd never seen the guy before myself..And I head out there once every weekend. My friend in NB almost never takes his car out to race so he had no idea who he was...Maybe he was from out of town.we never though to ask him..He had Mass plates though...I dunno..Maybe I'll see you out this weekend if you go out..Where do you hang around down there? I'll probably be with my friend from westport if i go out in his multi-colored mustang haha i love to make fun of the thing even though it's fast..:D
You'll know my car by the license plate "ONLYA6" But like Matt said the police have been real bad this year so we've been laying low. Let me know when you're going, maybe I'll meet up with you. That guy in the pink Camaro is Al, he's a pretty cool guy, he also loves street racing.

Ya Al is a cool guy and he has an awesome car on top of it..I'm going out tommorow night because my buddy marc(Al's daughter's b/f) is supposed to be racing tommorow night with his 87 mustang gt some guy in a 95 saleen. I'm probably going to be in the good ole black IROC or I'll go park my car at Al's house and go out with Marc. I'll be heading out there after I get out of work around 10:30-11:00. I'm praying that the cops give us a break this you've both said they've been real real bad lately..I'll probably be hanging around bess eaton or cruising around..but most importantly hopefully watching a couple good races. If you see us around come by and say hi It would be nice getting to see a nice GN instead of some of the other cars out offense towards their cars but..well ya..:)
Hey guys. whats up? ill be looking for you guys next weekend in fall river. im going to tow my car up from va. [dont want to drive it and put to many miles on it] to run it at NE dragway. I was in fall river in my freinds mustang about a month ago and there was nothing going on.So we spent the night beating up on street bikes instead.from a 40 mph roll we beat a 2001 gsxr 750 and a 2000 929 rr and a older fzr 1000. It was much easier than we thought it would be.But it still tons of fun.they could not beleve how fast his car is. The guy on the 929 thought something HAS to be wrong with his bike.If you are looking for some street action Brockton is hot on sunday nights.
What kind of mustang does your friend have? I'll be looking out for you guys..Ahh tonight sucked I heard there was going to be some good racing down at airport road..went down there to find not one car. I was tired so I headed home..Some kid in an 87' IROC thought he would give me a pounding in my IROC..hehe stupid people stupid people...beat him by 4 car lengths and was working on more(dam red lights)..they'll never learn. I was hoping to head out to the 1/4 mile and see if there was anything going on but after my trip through industrial park I just wasn't in the mood anymore..If anyone went out was there anything good going on? Or just more cops like the past few weeks?
i went out at 11 and man was it a ghost town! i satyed till 12:30 and decided to go home. i raced a kid in a blue convetible chevelle which was fun.
Atleast you got a little action and it wasn't a complete waste.I think the presence of the cops is really detering everyone from going out there. When i was out there last week there were cops pulling people over left and right. They were hiding all over the place and they had alot of motorcycle cops out too. It was pretty crazy. I'll just be waiting for next week. I'd like to get a few decent races in before my IROC gets picked up by the guy who bought it. But with the current situation who knows what will happen but I'm definitly going to go out there next week. Cops or no cops..whether I get to race that's a whole different story all together.
yah, ponch and chip thought they were slick hiding on the side of the road with the radar and no lights. it was almost a waste of gas for me to go there. maybe i'll hit harris ave in providence next week. at least if theres no action its close to home.
Ya last week they were hiding in the harbor maill parking lot towards the side of the ave in the grass with no lights..I dunno...they need some legal places around here for racing other than the speedways. Any decent action in providence? I'm hoping there's something out there next week.