GN1 Heads For Sale CHEAP, and others.


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May 25, 2001
I have a set of aluminum GN1 heads (unported) for sale. I have a new set of GN1 ported heads on the way. There are some things wrong with these heads though (that's why I'm just getting new ones) that could be fixed by someone with aluminum repair abilities or even just heli-coils. But... I put my cam in wrong and bent all of the exhaust valves, so they need new exhaust valves. Also, two of the rocker arm bolt holes need repair since that also gave way when I rolled the motor over on one of the heads. The only other problem is that the intake bolt holes have been heli-coiled and probably could stand to be re-helicoiled (I have the helicoil kit I'll include). I'm offering these heads just to the Hawaii members as I'm NOT going to ship them. I want $150 FIRM and you come and pick them up (Aiea). Anyone interested, feel free to reply to this or e-mail me and you can come check them out. They do need a little work, but definitely repairable.

Meanwhile, I'm still TRYING to get my car ready for the fastest streetcar competition. I think I may have it running by then, but I don't think I'll have a cage installed by then as I hear raceway park is actually enforcing that rule now.

In case anyone is interested I do have other parts I'm willing to sell that I'll offer here first. I have a complete A/C system. Heater core. Used stock pistons and rods. Stock valve covers. Copper head gaskets (still in package). Chrome breather filter. And there's probably other stuff too......

I forgot. I also have a complete BRF valve body with B&M shift kit as well....

Les, I didn't get your e-mail... (unless you are the one from Florida). I've pretty much described the heads. They DO need work. I didn't call any machine shop to find out how much it would cost for any repairs there. But they do need ALL 6 exhaust valves replaced (don't know about the seals for those valves, but probably should just be replaced anyways). And all the intake bolt holes need some type of repair (heli-coil will work, but that's a PAIN fix as that's what I did in the past). And when the "valve contact" while cranking the motor happened, the rocker arm on ONE head pulled two of the bolts from the heads meaning the rocker arm bolt holes will need to be heli-coiled (one heli-coil from champion was completely pulled out during the "incident" and the other was partially. All other rocker arm bolt holes are fine. Other than that, I've been running these heads for about 4.5 years (got them right after champion started selling them).

I'm selling them for only $150 because of the work that needs to be done on them and I'ld rather have them on someones car than sitting on my shelf taking up space that I really don't have.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am offering the heads in order of the responses I got on it. John is coming to look at them tomorrow. If he doesn't want them, then Geoff is next on the list and then Les. And Geoff, you are first in line for the valve body as well... :)

Just wanted everyone to know why I haven't been calling everyone back to arrange times for them to come get them.

Interested in your heads

Yeah I am intrested in your heads if you still have them...I have just come on to the scene, by buying a 84 t-type and I am currently building the engine that is going to go into it....if you could e-mail me or give me a call 255-9617....I also need some other parts if you have anything, maybe we can get in touch...thanks
Well, It's official...

The heads are gone. Congratualations John. :)

So far the heads and the entire A/C system is gone. And, Geoff, do you still want the valve body? If so, just let me know. I'll be home most of the weekend.

Originally posted by tazgn
Well, It's official...

The heads are gone. Congratualations John. :)

Damn! 2nd place! :) John, does this mean that your "other heads" are going to be for sale now?

Originally posted by tazgn
Geoff, do you still want the valve body?

YES, I wan't it!! I don't have your phone number. E-mail me with your phone number so that we can meet this weekend. I'll be working on Saturday. Would Sunday be Okay?

Thanks- Geoff
Thanks for the AC system Derrick, installed the compressor this morning and had the system charged this afternoon - this AC stuff is pretty cool!;)
Thanks for the heads Derrick. I will probably be sending them to champion, to get them done right.

KENNE-BILL, how "cool" is "cool" do you mean r12 cool or r134a cool?
Nah, did you get r12?:D
Got the r12 again($120), not too bad but not freezing cold like some other cars I've felt. Was thinking about getting a tint job, how's that $100 place in Waipahu?
I would go for it. Its across City Mill.Open on sundays also. When I got the camaro tinted , they had 4 different types(reg. and reflective) available for $100 and some others that were little higher in price. I just took the reg. black(smoke). It looks good on a white or black car. :D