GN1 Roller Rockers (T&D Style) for Aluminum heads, Champion Valve covers


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Jul 28, 2006
Hey guys,

Parts for sale so that I can fund some other projects.

Edited for price reduction

1) $300 shipped - GN1 Pedestal Roller Rockers for GN1 ALUMINUM heads.
- These look identical to T&D rockers, and are in excellent condition. I purchased them on here with intent of getting aluminum heads but didn't make the deal happen, so I can't use them. I have them all cleaned up and lubricated with fresh VR1 20w-50, wrapped in saran wrap and ready to ship.
IMG_20160923_200457_745.jpg IMG_20160923_201102_275.jpg IMG_20160923_200940_806.jpg IMG_20160923_202900_712.jpg
Found one blemish where a previous owner must have tightened down on top of a pushrod. Will not affect performance in the slightest.

2) SOLD - Champion Tall Valve Covers - Buick+Turbo 6
- These were on my car for 5k miles, switched over to TA style tall covers for a different look. Nothing at all wrong with them, still have some valve cover gaskets on them, all hardware included minus the grommets (needed them) they are easily replaced though.
IMG_20160923_203916_646.jpg IMG_20160923_203936_053.jpg

Local pickup of parts will receive discount. Located Carpentersville, IL (NW suburb Chicago)

Please post in this thread, first payment gets the stuff. I prefer paypal. Post here if interested or if additional information is required.

Thank you,
-Dennis L.
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Update price on rockers to $375 shipped. Need to put injectors in duramax! Arghhh
Valve tip dont line up with the rollor tipcorrect .


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All of the hardware is there, the half moons are all there, as are the bolts.

The valve spacing is different for GN1 heads and results in the roller tip being in a different spot on an iron head. I'm quite certain someone could make them work by modifying spacers etc. I decided I did not want to try and do that, and would sell them to someone that will use them as intended.