GNS Performance Tach Bracket


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Jun 30, 2005
I purchased a couple of Scott's tach brackets and I must say they are very nice. Perfect fit and no rubbing on the existing dash. I used mine for my boost gauge and it looks like it is floating on the original dash. If anyone thinks they can make this for $25 I wish them luck. The time to fab up and bend to do 1 is a waist of time. This is a perfect product for our cars.
Thanks again
Got any pics? Does it move the dash surround material where it will do it harm over time? I really need to put a tach in my car.
I will post pics when I get home . It fit perfect, you may have to grab it and give it a little bend ( easily done ) if it touches either the dash or the surround . I put them in both my cars and they don’t touch or rub anywhere . Truly a custom made Buick part for sure .
I'm sure it is. I just look at the way the two pieces fit together and don't see how you wouldn't put tension on them with a bracket in between.
That’s good to hear about the fit. I bought one also but haven’t installed it yet. I’m planning on mounting a Scanmaster G here. Seemed like a great place to put it.
Hope these help.


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Here's a picture of my location, Sorry just took the picture a few minutes ago, and it dark or night time here in Denver

I mounted a L bracket down below and got all my gauges attached to the bracket, if you want better pictures, I can shoot some after work tomorrow, if it's not Tooooo cold. Weather forcast is -9 for tomorrow