GNX #424 Stolen in San Francisco 12/28/01



Location: Larkspur, CA. 20 miles north of San Francisco.

A perfect car purchased from Turbo Lou in LA six months ago. Impossible to hide. Absolutley no flaws. 27k miles. New black paint; $10k worth of cool bolt-on options.

Stolen 12/28 from a parking garage at my condo complex. Locked and alarmed. VIN# 1G4GJ1173HP451094

If you have any leads or know who to contact, you can reach me at or call 415.925.9868.
GNX 424

Sorry for your loss, hope you get it back in one whole peice!
Damn...sux 2 b u . Good luck in the recovery, unfortunately if it had an alarm and was stolen, it was most likely stolen by a pro and is probably parted out by now.
please change your

ignition and door locks after purchasing your loved ones. It is an easy thing to keep a set of keys to a car up for sale. This could explain why they vanish in minutes. The seller and whatever friends hanging around the shop have your address and other info. Just a thought trying to help,not calling anyone a thief but recent purchases that come up missing at home or at work is a red flag to me. Good luck finding your loss.
Hasn't this car been for sale?????

I have noticed this car for sale in Hemmings for the last couple of months. Kind of weird that it now shows up stolen. Did any suspicious people come to look at it and consider "buying" it. Maybe someone you showed it to was the thief. They may have pretended to be interested so they could see where you park it, how you secure it, how you unsecure it etc etc. Unfortunately you may ave met the thief. Just a thought. Good luck finding whoever did it.
All I know is that it will be VERY obvious when some "real" GNX parts go up for sale. The cluster, the dash plaque, engine hardware, rear suspension, rims, flares, etc.
Whoever stole it was a moron as most people in the Buick community know that something is definitely amiss when parts from a 1 of 547 car pop up forsale.
Parts may not appear for sale if.....

I was thinking that the parts may not even appear for sale. If the car was exported to another country someone there could be driving around in a GNX. They may have wanted the whole car not just to make money off of the parts. Then again maybe I have just seen "Gone in 60 Seconds" too many times.:D
Not to be a downer, but since you live in a port city like SanFran, anytime a car that rare and collectible is stolen, Id guess its overseas like Japan/Russia or something. Those places cherish american muscle, and a mint and rare one would be worth it. That is if its not found soon...then Id strongly consider it overseas. I used to think cars stripped are found right away but it seems from hearing things on here and the MCSS board some arent found for up to months at a time sometimes...could also be a re-vin job....just a possibility. Hope its found soon.....:mad:
I hope your baby is returned safe!
With all the board watching for stolen cars and parts. I hope our cars that have left home will be found soon!

Hey clydes ryds,

Thanks for the tip on the key cylinders. I bought my Buick last year and never thought of changing them. My T-Type is in pieces right now, but before the steering column goes back in,
I will change the ignition cylinder!!! I know the 1st owner, but he had other people that worked on his car... hummm

Same here.....

Man!!! Those theives just don't have any idea what they took do they? Or maybe they did and just didn't realize that it's gonna be pretty F'n easy to ID parts...Hope you get it back and they rot in jail :mad:

I'm gonna be doing the same with mine. The 85GN that got stolen(Franks car I posted about) was IMO most likely stolen by some of the local ricers. A few of them are living that apparant ricer dream of car theiving. I bought my 84GN from a guy that's friends with them and had a particular group of them do some work on the car. I know it's not the same one because the original owner bought it here and I looked at the car when he had it for sale. This kid got it and played with it until stuff started going wrong. I picked it up for a good price since he didn't know of anywhere or anyone to work on it. The guys that he let work on it didn't do a great job.....guess their too used to takin em apart and not puttin em back.....Anyway, I figure that since these guys are the potential theives of Frank's car, I'm gonna go ahead and switch the locks and ignition. Maybe I'll give it the ol touch and go:p
Sorry to hear about your car..seems like every turbo buick in the bay area is coming up stolen..first my friend matt's 87, then my friend kyle's, then mine, i've seen a few on blocks on the side of the road and now this GNX..its crazy..these people need to be stopped..i saw a GNX in SF a couple weeks before you said yours was stolen..i am guessing it was you, i have to agree that you can't hide that thing, i saw it right away...anyway, good luck finding it. i still am looking for mine and it has been gone since 10-29-01...
I had a friend when he was 12 he stole several Corvettes and a couple a Cadillacs and bought new vin #'s from the Junkyards, I hope you get it back soon.
gnx seen in C.H. CA.

i seen a gnx being driven real hard on greenback lane smoked a mustang did a big power brake at light then took off hard w/green light came on i dont know if this was your car but two young kids were driving and i sure wouldn't drive a gnx like that even if the mustang needed to to broke he dam'n near hit a few cars stop'n the gnx good luck finding your car

check the sacramento bee clasified theres a gnx #329? for sell no other sitings of the wild driver. good luck i hope you find your car. who ever stole it should pay :mad:
Your Turbo

I noticed you had the Turbo off the car on E-bay. I hope that is you right? Just thought I would mention it in case it was not. Good luck...Russ :cool:

I might be looking for a GNX. What information can you give me on that GNX 329: Can you hook me up?
Thanks in advance
Gary Wells

Or exceptionally spotless low mileage '86-'87 gn/ttype, solid roof, well optioned, virtually showroom condition?