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Surprised nobody here has posted this or is talking about it. A super rare opportunity to own #547. I remember this car and it's original owners story from Dennis Kirbans 2007 Birthday DVD. What a great car, I would love to own this!! It will be curious to see IF it sells and if it does for how much, my guess is around $175k? I'm sure it will have a reserve. I also wouldn't be surprised if someone like Rick Hendrick picked this up.
I would think it may bring more money through Barrett Jackson.

You would think that but honestly I follow car auctions somewhat close and it seems Mecum has been getting the bigger and better cars and collections here the last year or so. I really think they've ruined BJ with all of the stupid TV shit they do and everything else by making more of a show then a car auction. I actually went to a BJ auction last year in vegas and I was really surprised at just how shitty a lot of the cars were and how misrepresented they were. Mecum on the other hand is just a car auction no BS, no stupid TV stuff, just a straight auction with straight TV coverage, which is what BJ used to be like. Another important advantage Mecum has is they let you have a reserve on pretty much any car but BJ doesn't.
Being that Buick was never supposed to let 547 be sold to the public, I wonder if there would be a GM/Buick rep bid on the car to get it back.
That's a keeper for sure! I'm thinking a little north of 200K. It could go much higher if there are more than a couple of big time collectors interested in it.
Well I hope it brings quite alot because I know what it was purchased is mint and the last of the last hope it goes to someone who will truly enjoy it.
I almost have my wife convinced that this should be our retirement investment. Lol.

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I remember seeing GNX 547 serial # 1G4GJ11HP453619 at Englishtown, NJ several years ago and it had only 66.6 miles on it at the time. It was still brand new with the plastic seat protectors as well as the one on the steering wheel. All the windows stickers were still there and they showed that it had been delivered at "North Side Buick Company" at Pittsburg, PA and the suggested retail price was $29,290. BUT there was an "additional dealer markup" sticker for another $10,710 :rolleyes: which pushed the total price to $40,000! That was a lot of money back in '87! :eek:
See the pictures I took back then below…
Claude. ;)
Here it is!

1987 Buick GNX #547 with 68 miles to cross the auction block Friday, January 13, 2017. Lot R324.

Mecum at Kissimmee Fl. Tickets $30/day.