GNX fender flares!


hi everyone
just have a quick question, have any of you bought the wheel flares from ebay?
the price is cheap and im a bit worried that ill get crap that doesnt match up well

any imput?
anyone here in phoenix area have flares on their car? id love to see what they look like in person never saw them yet

thank you
I've got those on my car the pictures are in my sig below and I didn't have any problems with them. The ONLY trimming I had to do was the inner well portion. I've worked with the factory GNX flares and liked these much better. You are going to need to paint them so factor that into the price.

cool thank you for letting me know the only reason i want to buy them is so i can make templets off of them and make myself some steel ones! this way i can weld them on and they will look awsome. i dont want to have a gap where they meet up with the fenders and since they will be steel ill be ablt to cut the old one off under the new one and get a much bigger tire under them
what do you think i have the time and its a project that seems not to have an end yet lol so im not in a hurry just thought that they will be cool all steel and all

let me know
I think that would be cool. How wide are you looking to go? When I put my flares on I used tabs like the stock GNX did so I could trim out the entire wheel lip. Mine TR is lowered w/275s on it and I have room for 295s. I'm gonna do a frame notch so I can get 305s or 315s in the rear. I kinda like the way my flares are seperate from the body, but molded in flares would be sweet too.

cool what i want is a set of 305 or 315 in the back and some nice ones in the frnt like 255 or so
how did you lower your car and what size are your wheels?
i just bought a set of springs from eibach and did the back but still have to do the front

i guess its like an .8 inch in the back and a inch in the front?
something like that

are you running 17 or 18 rims how wide also?
do you have some back spacing numbers you an give me?
Boosted1, sounds like an interesting project. Would like to see what you have done so far to your car.

There are 3 or 4 other GN/TTYPE owners in the Gilbert area, we should get together some time.

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I used Eibach springs, but had to cut another 1/2 coil in the front to level the car out. I can say when you use the Eibachs drive the car for a while before deciding you are or aren't satisfied. They will drop a little more after a while. I have 17X8s in the front w/245/45ZR17s and 17X9.5s in the rear w/275/40ZR17s. I'm using 4" backspacing on fronts and 4.75" backspacing in the rear. Never had any rubbing at all. I want to notch and go to 305s in the rear.