GNX mods


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Jul 14, 2003
how many of you think its wrong to turn a GNX into a 8 or 9 second car....what about a 10 second ride that could be converted back to orignial condition in a weekend? .....or do u think they should be kept in a grage and never driven? oponions please ?
why take a 20+ thousand dollar car and cut on it and re work it. in the long run that is a piss poor investment and a sin (if you ask me)

my personal opinion if i was gunna make an 8,9,10 second car out of a TR i would find a nice body and go from there. not a GNX.

do what you please though. but by the time your done you wont have much of a GNX left. kinda self defeting.

I dont think modding a GNX is a wise investment, but i do think they should be drivin, in very nice weather. I mean, thats what they were made for, right? If you have something like a GNX, no sense in modding it or having it as a garage queen, IMO.

I like to drive cars, not buy garage art. Buy a picture of a GNX and put it in your garage - same thing to me.

It would be one hell of a weekend to put an 8-9 second car back to stock :)

Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
Personally you can do whatever you please.

It will only make the others more rare.

I vote make a clone out a GN & mod, mod & mod it some more
till you get you 8 or 9 second car.
Back in 1988-89 there was this fellow by the name of Buddy Cox. Some of you east coast guys are going to have to help me with this because all I ever saw was the videos. His only claim to fame was he did take a real live GNX and turn it into a 10(I think it was the first in the 9's?) second car by back halfing it. Think of narrowed 9" with huge 15"wide slicks and you get the picture. I dont know what happened to him or the car but he did get a lot of flak for doing it to a GNX. IMO it looked stupid with the wheel flares sticking out and the combination of big and little rubber tucked way up in the sheetmetal. You can do what ever you want to your car but if you bought the car because it is a collector car and you might want to make a profit when you sell it a year from now just remember its a lot easier to take stuff off than it is to put it back on and the wrong modifactions will devalue it.
Hell yea, find a low mile GNX and yank the puny V6 out and drop in a V8 SBC so you can go real fast!!!!!!!! Yea, thats the ticket!!!!!!!:D

If you have ahlf of a brain, you will realize rather quickly that you could buy a nice plane jane Regal and convert it to a Turbo 6 stage II 8-9 second GNX clone alot cheaper than using a real GNX. Modding a GNX with a few boltons isn't really a sin if you take it out of the garage and let others enjoy it too, but butchering one to make an 8 second ride is just plain stupid IMHO.
ya i totaly hear you guys...its just that i kinda though it would be kinda cool to drop in a stage II with genuine period specific BMS would be neat to showcase a car with examples of all the buick hi performance options and parts all in one
Are you NUTS?

Hack up or mod a GNX? Good God that's over the top, I can recommend a good psychiatrist.
monster garage would probably take one and turn it into a mobile laundromat. and i would still watch it.
Why don't you take a low mile GNX and clone it into a Silver or White Turbo T. Obviously I'm joking however, there is a GNX that is ran at the track from time to time and if I recall somebody did paint one white!?
Do what you want, it's your money.

BUT, you are going to have to yank GNX parts to replace with other stuff to make it run what you want. Once you yank this stuff, you basically have your run of the mill Turbo Regal. So, why do it with a more expensive starting point, when you can do it with a cheaper model, and have more money available to do it with?
Me? I prefer to drive my cars, and mod them the way that I want, which is why I won't ever buy a GNX. I would want to drive and mod it. Unless of course I hit the lottery, then I would buy two and put one on a lift and drool on the floor while looking up at it, and mod the heck out of the other.

making an actual GNX into a 9-8 second car is might as well just buy a regular Regal body which would cost you maybe $1000 and mod that into a clone GNX like somebody said...taking a $30,000 - $50,000 GNX and taking everything off of it? you are just WASTING your money!!! now if I had a GNX, I would modify it with all the free/cheap mods like air intake, remove cat, adjustable wastegate, chip, just stuff that the normal person would just look right over! that's perfectly fine IMO...then you could have a low 12 second street car all day long and beat almost everything on the road and it's still almost completely stock!!! plus with those kinds of can always just go back to stock since they are so easy to take off and put back on!