GNX Style 6 Gauge VDO Dash $350 Shipped


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
$350 shipped FIRM (this was $900 when new with all the senders and such)

Not a lot of miles on this dash. Maybe 10K tops. This is the old Performance Instruments dash when they were in business back around 2005. I don't have the sending units for the gauges. I labeled which wires are for the senders. You'll have to download the instruction manual from VDO for the speedo. It uses an electronic VSS that you can get from Caspers for like $80.

As you can see, not cosmetically 100% perfect, but I touched up a few areas and you can't even see them when installed in the car. The digital odometer reads like 120k miles to match the mileage that is on my car but you can reset it back to 0. All gauges work perfectly along with all lights. The big connector on the back connects to your existing dash connector (plug and play).

Any questions, feel free to ask. Paypal is Thanks:)