GNX style wheels & cheap


86 vader
Jan 19, 2010
I have four wheels & five tires forsale. The brand is Enkei the 2 front tires are 225/50/16 & 3rear tires are 245/50/16
I want 200.firm tires are like new wheels have no curb damage I also have an ATR boost control valve,analog dash cluster,stock turbo shield,walbro in tank fuel pump& some other misc. Parts everything will be sold cheap cuz it needs to go soon. I parted out an 87GN so I have some leftover me I may have wut you need. EVERYTHING UNDER 50 BUCKS ECCEPT FOR THE WHEELS. Call me anytime thanks for looking


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interested in wheels and analog dash and turbo shield shipped to akron ny 14001
I don't know what the shipping would be but here's my zip incase anyone wants to look it up.
The cluster is $45 atr controller $45shipped the shield is $35
Called you... Will send $$ out tomorrow. Sat. Nice talking with ya.