GNX VDO gauges are in!!!

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Feb 6, 2015
after a few setbacks.... And some LED lights installed... The gauges are done, everything is in working. What a difference!


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Looks good, I have the same setup. You wouldn't happen to have info on the bulbs would you? Thanks Mike
Looks great!
I'm also running VDO gauges (left over from an AVC / GNX style dash) in my dash and would appreciate the information on your LED bulb choices for these VDO gauges.
The VDO Cockpit gauges I'm running don't illuminate very well for night driving.
I seem to recall that the last ones I ordered didn't fit properly in the Bayonet area so could not use them all.




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Thanks guys.... I will post the info on the bulbs I have it written down, lol... That was half the battle. Don't have it on me at the moment.

In installing the bulbs it did take some shaving work to get some of them to fit. Even with the correct size bulbs some were just a hair or two short being secure in the socket. Which was the other battle.
Ok - here is the lowdown on the gauges

Things you need to know about VDO GNX gauges depending on how old the gauge is, is going to determind what socket is used along with what bulb is used. Listed here are the 3 different sockets that can be used:

My reference and work I did to find out about my build, I went to

Part # 600-813 type a plastic bulb socket
Part # 600-819 insulated light bulb socket
Part # 600-840 insulated light bulb socket

These are the 3 different sockets that can be on whatever set of gauges you end up with.

On my install I had 600-813, small socket

For the tachometer, boost gauge, fuel gauge and water gauge - BA7 light, 5 bulbs needed
For the speedometer - BA9S-5SMD, only need one

On our oil pressure gauge, which is a new design, we used a 194-6, only one needed (due to this reason, it may shine slightly brighter than rest)

(NOTE: Some LED's will not fit perfectly into socket, some top trimming of the socket may be required for bulb to make contact)

(NOTE: on all gauges except speedo, make sure that if the bulb doesn't light up, switch the black and gray leads... Some lights are tricky and won't work depending on where you plug them back into)

You can buy additional bulbs with lower lumes but it can be hit or miss.

But that's it folks.

Any questions if you do this upgrade, just send me a PM.
Wow!!!.. Thanks a bunch, much appreciated. Now the research behind..thanks again...Mike
Wow!!!.. Thanks a bunch, much appreciated. Now the research behind..thanks again...Mike

No problem.... Any questions let me know. Like I said find out which ones you get first so you know the sockets.... Then you will have to figure the bulbs.

Is the speedo equal brightness as the others (except the oil)? I can't tell from the pics.
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