GNX Wheels and Tires for sale

Chris McDade

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Jul 13, 2001
My GNX wheels and tire are for sale. Going a differnet route.

16X8 front and rear. Rear tires are BF Goodrich drag radails 255/50/16. There is a little less then half left. Front tires are a off brand 245/50/16. They have over 75% left. They have a good shine to them. A good polish and they will look real good! $850.00 plus shipping.

Cell with any questions @281-853-5465


No insults intended or implied, but are these OEM GNX wheels, or are they "GNX Style"?
I will be back in town on Friday and I will chase down the date code for you on the front tires. They are about 2 years old. These wheels were on the car when i bought it about 4 years ago. They are not TTA wheels. There was a receipt that the seller provided to me for the wheels where he bought them. I will look it up when I get home and give more details on the wheels. They are the same offset. They are not differnet. Wheels are not damaged.

I did confirm these are GTA 4 front wheels. Front tires look great. No dry rot.

New price $800 plus shipping.
Offers? Need to move these. I will ship...buyer pays.

I guess I'm out just can't swing the funds at the moment. I was looking just to have them for a change of pace. Sorry Chris and good luck they are worth the price your asking.